Future, Imperfect, Tense

They tell me we are lucky tied with human habitation,
food and nesting options and little natural predation.

The woods are rather thin now and grasslands quite lean,
they say there were days past when everything was green.

They move in search of havens now that promise sanctuary,
where humans haven’t set foot yet and made things as scary.

Having bid farewell to friends wish I could migrate as well,
would love wild grains berries over stale crumbs that smell.

A live tree hollow for nesting than a crack in a dead wall,
my babies would land on grass and mud just in case of a fall.

Safer in the wild I would feel despite the dangers known,
For why will humans save me when their own kin they disown?

– Narendra Nayak © 2019

38 thoughts on “Future, Imperfect, Tense

    1. Thank you, Agnes. It’s the harsh reality of the times. And if we humans continue in our wanton ways without heeding, it will not be long before we reach the tipping point beyond which any amount of acts of conservation would be far too late!

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      1. I really know She needs our help and so I do help Her. I have a wide variety of gardens and show those flowers on my post Spring, Summer, Fall. I am very conscious of the birds and bees and over the years the word has gotten out to come visit me and to live on our land. Feels GOOD to be doing good. (smile)

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  1. I’m so pleased that you stopped by my blog Lagniappe, a visit which led me back here. Your photography is wonderful — I’m a great fan of macro images, for one thing — and I’m looking forward to exploring your archives. My best to you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation and warm wishes, Ma’am. I am delighted that you like my work! I am in awe of your achievements after reading your story in the “about” segment, and I simply adore your poems. I so look forward to visiting your blog pages more often.

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