A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Sniff, sniff, moo, moo, what’s this in my view, let me see closer if it’s fit for a chew. Strange is this creature upon me who spies, ne’er seen a beast who bears three eyes! One of those eyes looks bemused at me, and one closed forever, how can it see? The third is weird … Continue reading A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!


Of Vibrant Vistas

The gilded rays of the climbing sun hit my eyes making me squint reflexively, and then just as suddenly, the blaze softened into a warm, diffuse glow. As my pupils adjusted once again to the natural dimmer, the scene before me cast a mellow glaze on my keen senses. Curtains laden with mild, misty, moist … Continue reading Of Vibrant Vistas

A Mellow Meow

“Inner peace… inner peace…” A low, mellow, tranquil voice floated up to my ears from somewhere below to my right even as I took the first sip of hot cutting chai from the roadside kiosk standing in the warmth of the sun peeping out from behind the clouds after the fresh early morning rains. Following … Continue reading A Mellow Meow

The Voyage

Bubbling and gurgling in my effervescent youth, gracefully winding down I knew not the truth, growing up to rumble and roll with a roar, someday I was destined to meet the shore. Falling over cliffs and zipping through vales, cutting deep through rock I left wide trails, until I could carry no more with me, … Continue reading The Voyage

“Vein”, Am I?

“Serving up, bro!” shouted Xylo in an unusually shrill voice. “Tone it down, will you, mate?” came the quick gruff retort from Phlo, “I got a load of supplies lined up in arrears already”. Murmurs and low sighs emanated from several cells around even as they continued with their duties – nothing new there, these … Continue reading “Vein”, Am I?

A Riveting “Reptale”

“Yes my friend, I have been watching you – do you forget that I can look at two different objects simultaneously?” began the Calotes versicolor in a soft yet mocking voice even as it quickly gobbled a juicy winged termite. I had put in much effort to crawl on all fours through the foliage from … Continue reading A Riveting “Reptale”

Oh, Deer!

Thwack! Thump! Smack! Scrape! Rub! Dewdrops, the baby spotted deer, had never heard such sounds before and it made his tiny tail twitch! Nothing could have actually interrupted him while he was busy nibbling at the fresh, lush, juicy, green moss which had begun to grow after these first few showers around his favourite playground … Continue reading Oh, Deer!