With Moonbeams of Love

Grandpa sun has bid good night, the day long blaze no more, I take my cue as the sky erupts, ‘tis time to take the floor. Lo the celestial bodies arise, like gems they beam and blink, behold the heavens have come aglow, now no more as dark as ink. My Mom below looks up … Continue reading With Moonbeams of Love


A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Sniff, sniff, moo, moo, what’s this in my view, let me see closer if it’s fit for a chew. Strange is this creature upon me who spies, ne’er seen a beast who bears three eyes! One of those eyes looks bemused at me, and one closed forever, how can it see? The third is weird … Continue reading A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

In the Pond of Eternal Youth

Playing truant strolling up the hill, no more they wanted to do the drill, to go to school and learn by rote, trifling matters that silly poets quote. Dumping their bags and lunch packs, peeling the wear off their weary backs, they sprinted over the lush grassy knoll, the alluring pond was their only goal. … Continue reading In the Pond of Eternal Youth

Of Vibrant Vistas

The gilded rays of the climbing sun hit my eyes making me squint reflexively, and then just as suddenly, the blaze softened into a warm, diffuse glow. As my pupils adjusted once again to the natural dimmer, the scene before me cast a mellow glaze on my keen senses. Curtains laden with mild, misty, moist … Continue reading Of Vibrant Vistas

The Voyage

Bubbling and gurgling in my effervescent youth, gracefully winding down I knew not the truth, growing up to rumble and roll with a roar, someday I was destined to meet the shore. Falling over cliffs and zipping through vales, cutting deep through rock I left wide trails, until I could carry no more with me, … Continue reading The Voyage

Bare Reflections

Brown may be my colour yet, my heart is still alive, roots yet drink from the damp soil, my branches still do thrive. All summer long I fought the blaze, yearning an ashen cloud, not to see you eye my limbs, sharpened axes in the crowd. I sense my moment has come at last, there’s … Continue reading Bare Reflections

Out of the “Blue”

O’er the tranquil waters I float, abrupt a gentle wake, my mate passing by nudges me, from my dull slumber awake. Moored to the pier I watch envious, him off on a trip downstream, whither my oarsman he’s away so long, leaving me tethered to dream. Ripples of wind on the placid waters, lure me … Continue reading Out of the “Blue”