Will The Silhouettes Fade?

Some seek shallow wetlands, or meadows lush and open, yet others quest for canopies, deep woods treeline unbroken, with sustenance abundant, and safety of the brood, where roosting is so carefree, with no one to intrude. Does such a haven exist still, they soar to strive and find, Flying afar their search unbound, yet tired … Continue reading Will The Silhouettes Fade?


The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

The army climbed the cashew tree, their goal to make the colony grow, the workers set off upon the leaves, pull them bend them heave ho, the nurses brought the larvae on, gently coaxed for the silk to flow, edges glued leaves stuck together, the new home was now good to go. Intruders dare not … Continue reading The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

Mother’s Jewels

As a glad goodbye to the sweltering sun the dusty heated village bade, a gentle breeze came waving by a rousing promise of respite it made. The winds carried their clout aloft to push the sombre clouds away, thus was set the stage tonight for a magical dawn on the morrow lay. The night aged … Continue reading Mother’s Jewels


Romancing the Masala Dosa!

A dollop of fermented rice-dal batter, hits the hot griddle with a sputtering sizzle, spread out deftly in spirals outward, the thin layer drenched with a liberal oil drizzle. A blob of garlic chutney spread out atop, or a sprinkle of spicy powdered podi over, smoothened lovingly with a spatula across, it steams and crackles … Continue reading Romancing the Masala Dosa!


With Moonbeams of Love

Grandpa sun has bid good night, the day long blaze no more, I take my cue as the sky erupts, ‘tis time to take the floor. Lo the celestial bodies arise, like gems they beam and blink, behold the heavens have come aglow, now no more as dark as ink. My Mom below looks up … Continue reading With Moonbeams of Love


A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Sniff, sniff, moo, moo, what’s this in my view, let me see closer if it’s fit for a chew. Strange is this creature upon me who spies, ne’er seen a beast who bears three eyes! One of those eyes looks bemused at me, and one closed forever, how can it see? The third is weird … Continue reading A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!


In the Pond of Eternal Youth

Playing truant strolling up the hill, no more they wanted to do the drill, to go to school and learn by rote, trifling matters that silly poets quote. Dumping their bags and lunch packs, peeling the wear off their weary backs, they sprinted over the lush grassy knoll, the alluring pond was their only goal. … Continue reading In the Pond of Eternal Youth