With Moonbeams of Love

Grandpa sun has bid good night, the day long blaze no more, I take my cue as the sky erupts, ‘tis time to take the floor. Lo the celestial bodies arise, like gems they beam and blink, behold the heavens have come aglow, now no more as dark as ink. My Mom below looks up … Continue reading With Moonbeams of Love


The Awakening

He missed her. It was a month after her passing away and he longed for her so badly. He would have traded his life if he could see her, talk to her, just be with her one more time. Without her he was a mess, his whole life in disarray, even the smallest of things … Continue reading The Awakening

Left A’skink’ For More

“Hiss…hiss…click…click… the Attini N team knocked you off your feet didn’t it (see my post “Ant, Yet Signific‘ant” of Dec 25)? Love those ladies, I tell you, they’re such a riot”, a thick voice mocked me from atop the low compound wall to my left. Still kneeling in the long grass off the path to … Continue reading Left A’skink’ For More

One Last Pudding

He felt the usual sense of pride as he looked around his small yet bustling sweets and treats shop. Though the paint had faded and the plaster was chipping away in places, the dull unpolished wooden racks that lined the back had turned wearisome and the glass panes of the display case at the front … Continue reading One Last Pudding


He woke up with a start, an immense pressure on his chest, both without and within, his heart thumping madly as if someone had been hammering at it from the outside synchronous with his pounding heartbeats. Strangely however, he felt cold – ice cold – limbs numb and lifeless, his extremities fallen asleep as if … Continue reading Terror

Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!

Sip…sip…slurp…slurp…gulp…gulp… “This is real cool stuff gals”, hollered N0206, dangling off the top of the grass blade acrobatically slurping off the dew drops sticking to her antennae and front legs, “d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!” “Hey girl, will you concentrate and do your job of guiding N2511 and N2212? They’re overloaded with the cut grass blades and need to … Continue reading Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!


His eyes glistened – though it would have been difficult to say whether it was a glimmer of hope or shimmer of wetness – as he crouched behind the tree trunk, focused on the activity of the Samaritan who had just opened a packet of Tiger biscuits and was emptying the contents onto the pavement. … Continue reading Hunger