The Artist

No easel no canvas, pencils erasers, no palette or brushes, neither inks nor paint, none of these ever, are seen to be used, and yet each masterpiece, without constraint. On the easel of heavens, the world is her canvas, sunbeams to draw, erasing with breeze, a palette of clouds, and a single moonbeam, dipped in … Continue reading The Artist



Stacked up plates of molds with batter, placed in a steamer to steam, fifteen minutes later out they come, fluffy and spongy like a dream. The sambar is prepped with equal fervour, a delightfully flavourful stew, loaded with veggies, carrots beans gourds, drumsticks to name a few. A choice of chutneys are being ground, there’re … Continue reading Idlicious!

For Your Eyes Only!

Caterpillars of moths and butterflies, due to their very vulnerable disposition, are known to take remarkable anti-predatory measures. During the early stages of instar (a phase between two consecutive periods of molting) the caterpillars, due to their diminutive size, can blend in with the host plant by hiding and through camouflage. However, as they continue … Continue reading For Your Eyes Only!

Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

What was inside this chrysalis has flown. Yes, I do have pictures of the beauty that emerged from within, dried its wings and took first flight, and those pictures will follow. This post is a precursor to draw attention to the beauty that a chrysalis is! Contrary to popular belief butterfly caterpillars do not form … Continue reading Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

The Bus Stop

The second sip of the piping hot, sweet, milky tea seemed to do the trick, conveying a much-welcome warmth to all my extremities and giving me some respite from the strong, chilled, moisture laden breeze that Monday morning. As I took yet another eager sip from the simple ‘tapri’ glass, Babush brought forth his battered, … Continue reading The Bus Stop

A Fork Never Matters (unless you’re drinking soup)!

A forked road ahead will not ever matter, your furthest aspirations it never can shatter, cause if resolutely you’ve set your goal, any options en route shall play no role. Both paths start with the same sunshine, the aim and purpose those you’ve to align, branches in a tree always plenty there will be, but … Continue reading A Fork Never Matters (unless you’re drinking soup)!