The Artist

No easel no canvas, pencils erasers, no palette or brushes, neither inks nor paint, none of these ever, are seen to be used, and yet each masterpiece, without constraint. On the easel of heavens, the world is her canvas, sunbeams to draw, erasing with breeze, a palette of clouds, and a single moonbeam, dipped in … Continue reading The Artist


The Mimic

In my post of August 10, we saw the marvel that the chrysalis of a butterfly is, and in my article of August 11, I described the anti-predatory measures of the caterpillar of the Common Mormon butterfly (Papilio polytes). If the caterpillar is so ingenious at fooling predators, can the butterfly that emerges from the … Continue reading The Mimic

For Your Eyes Only!

Caterpillars of moths and butterflies, due to their very vulnerable disposition, are known to take remarkable anti-predatory measures. During the early stages of instar (a phase between two consecutive periods of molting) the caterpillars, due to their diminutive size, can blend in with the host plant by hiding and through camouflage. However, as they continue … Continue reading For Your Eyes Only!

Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

What was inside this chrysalis has flown. Yes, I do have pictures of the beauty that emerged from within, dried its wings and took first flight, and those pictures will follow. This post is a precursor to draw attention to the beauty that a chrysalis is! Contrary to popular belief butterfly caterpillars do not form … Continue reading Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

I Just Met-a-morphose!

Gnaw bite chomp chew and munch, breakfast’s done now on to lunch, it’s quite a chore this eating spree, a cocoon to spin and then I’m free. I see in your eyes disgust and loathe, the truth though is known to both, your heart will be all awe and delight, when out I burst to … Continue reading I Just Met-a-morphose!

Once Upon A Drizzle

In a light drizzle some drops of rain clung to the petals soft and pink, while others went into free fall and splashed about in the mud to sink. Those on the rose delighted with pride called out aloud to friends below, while you folks sink in the muddy stink we’ll steep in heady fragrant … Continue reading Once Upon A Drizzle

The Tale of the Shimmering Pearls

Bzzz, bz, bzz, bzzzz…no, it was not the whirring of wings even though there were plenty of dragonflies and damselflies around. These were grave murmurs which were rising by the minute and had risen to fizzy levels by the time the beetles, bugs, crickets, bees, and flies joined in. So much so that the presiding … Continue reading The Tale of the Shimmering Pearls