Fascinating Nature


Crisis and a Chrysalis

The Rant A(i)n’t Over!

Have you met Hoverflies?

The Convex Meniscus

A(i)n’t Just a Rant!

A Squawk to Remember!

B(l)eak Perspective

Of Bitter Sweet Lessons

Unchained Malady

All in Her Eyes!


In Reflection


Honey, I Stole the Nectar!


Don’t Drag on, Fly!


A Slug Reborn

Yellow Cattle!

In Quest

Yet I Dare Hope

No Rhyme, But Reason


A Dragon’s Ire

Nowhere to Fly

Beyond the Wall


I See You!

The Farmer Sparrows!


Eggs, Yay!

Mocked by a Mocking Bird!

They Have Mated!

Nothing Rhymes with Orange!

The Sentinel

A Lot of Bull(bul)!

Tempest in a Teapot?

A Firm Be“leaf”!

The Magpie Calls

A Desired Mini Vet(ting)

A Pain(t)ed Stork!

Pree Pree Trill Trillup!


Shadows over the Lake

Nest of Luck!

Survival of the Kindest

The Halcyon Days

Future, Imperfect, Tense


Strings of Pearls!

Owl’s Well That…

The Colour Purple



The Pathway

Persist to Resist

Eyes on You

The Urban Jungle

And Thus She Fluttered By…

The Artist

The Mimic

For Your Eyes Only!

Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

I Just Met-a-morphose!

Once Upon A Drizzle

The Tale of the Shimmering Pearls



The Midsummer Bloom

Selfless Shellfish!

Ruminant Pursuits (Cud 2 of 2)

Ruminant Pursuits (Cud 1 of 2)

“Ca-shew” Like It!


Will The Silhouettes Fade?

The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

Mother’s Jewels

Damsels and Dragons

Three Wise Wings

We Don’t Need No Spin Doctor!

Hop a Little, Jump a Little, So We Learn!

With Moonbeams of Love

Left A’skink’ For More

Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!

Slow and Steady, ‘Cause it is not a Race!

Su’purr’stitious? Get a ‘Paws’itive ‘Cat’itude!

A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Of Vibrant Vistas

A Mellow Meow

The Voyage

“Vein”, Am I?

A Riveting “Reptale”

Oh, Deer!

Bare Reflections

A “Mushy” Tale

A Feathered Symphony

Hues at Dusk

For a Peak of the Heavens

A Distressed Feather

The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!

Development at What Cost?

Liquid Reflections


On Wings of Chocolate!

A Gilded Flutter

It’s Raining Diamonds

To Touch The Sky!