Fascinating Nature

To Touch The Sky!

It’s Raining Diamonds

A Gilded Flutter

On Wings of Chocolate!


Liquid Reflections

Development at What Cost?

The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!

A Distressed Feather

For a Peak of the Heavens

Hues at Dusk

A Feathered Symphony

A “Mushy” Tale

Bare Reflections

Oh, Deer!

A Riveting “Reptale”

“Vein”, Am I?

The Voyage

A Mellow Meow

Of Vibrant Vistas

A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Su’purr’stitious? Get a ‘Paws’itive ‘Cat’itude!

Slow and Steady, ‘Cause it is not a Race!

Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!

Left A’skink’ For More

With Moonbeams of Love

Hop a Little, Jump a Little, So We Learn!

We Don’t Need No Spin Doctor!

Three Wise Wings

Damsels and Dragons

Mother’s Jewels

The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

Will The Silhouettes Fade?


“Ca-shew” Like It!

Ruminant Pursuits (Cud 1 of 2)

Ruminant Pursuits (Cud 2 of 2)

Selfless Shellfish!

The Midsummer Bloom



The Tale of the Shimmering Pearls

Once Upon A Drizzle

I Just Met-a-morphose!