Pree Pree Trill Trillup!

Wiping my sweaty brow with the back of one hand, I plonked myself down on a huge, red, dusty, chunk of laterite stone sticking out of the ground. The sun was almost up and soon it would be showtime. A few yards in front of me the lead actors had already taken to stage that … Continue reading Pree Pree Trill Trillup!



Once on a farm where ducks were reared, bred in a large barn to be fed then bled, hatched three ducklings cute and smart, who even as fledglings were a breed apart. Hunger and thirst was for knowledge alone, fathom out this world in which they’d grown, but no one around would hear their quack, … Continue reading Trio

Shadows over the Lake

Clicking the cap into place on the telephoto lens, I whipped off the sweat-soaked camera strap off my neck. The sun had already committed itself to rising in some other distant place, and was contemplating its final exit moves. In a few minutes no amount of tinkering with aperture or ISO would give me flash-unassisted … Continue reading Shadows over the Lake

Nest of Luck!

This is a short chronicle of some memorable moments I spent studying the nesting of a Black-Crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax). There are some very obvious gaps in the sequential progression of events leading from the construction of a nest to the growing up of the juvenile which I am painfully aware of. This shoot … Continue reading Nest of Luck!

Survival of the Kindest

Two frail brittle arms now well past their prime, reached out to its mother seeking yet more time, though it had lived a span of many scores of years, plenty there was to be done to spread more cheers. Shelter fellow beings that ever lived in its boughs, feed who came now and then eager … Continue reading Survival of the Kindest

The Halcyon Days

The dictionary defines the term “halcyon” as a period of time in the past that was happy and tranquil. Halcyon is also a genus that contains 12 species of tree kingfishers. So how did these kingfishers come to be named so? The word halcyon itself finds its origin in Greek mythology and is derived from … Continue reading The Halcyon Days