The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

The army climbed the cashew tree, their goal to make the colony grow, the workers set off upon the leaves, pull them bend them heave ho, the nurses brought the larvae on, gently coaxed for the silk to flow, edges glued leaves stuck together, the new home was now good to go. Intruders dare not … Continue reading The F‘ant’astic Weaver!

Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!

Sip…sip…slurp…slurp…gulp…gulp… “This is real cool stuff gals”, hollered N0206, dangling off the top of the grass blade acrobatically slurping off the dew drops sticking to her antennae and front legs, “d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!” “Hey girl, will you concentrate and do your job of guiding N2511 and N2212? They’re overloaded with the cut grass blades and need to … Continue reading Ant, Yet Signific’ant’!