The Mimic

In my post of August 10, we saw the marvel that the chrysalis of a butterfly is, and in my article of August 11, I described the anti-predatory measures of the caterpillar of the Common Mormon butterfly (Papilio polytes). If the caterpillar is so ingenious at fooling predators, can the butterfly that emerges from the … Continue reading The Mimic

Left A’skink’ For More

“Hiss…hiss…click…click… the Attini N team knocked you off your feet didn’t it (see my post “Ant, Yet Signific‘ant” of Dec 25)? Love those ladies, I tell you, they’re such a riot”, a thick voice mocked me from atop the low compound wall to my left. Still kneeling in the long grass off the path to … Continue reading Left A’skink’ For More