No Rhyme, But Reason

The emerging flamboyant red, turned a confident glorious gold, then a reassuring gorgeous orange, finally an upbeat blazing yellow, what was yesterday was bygone, no baggage no encumbrances, today was hope and anticipation, the cool of the soft breeze eased off, a warm moist woody trace emerged, I lowered my lens and contemplated, It was … Continue reading No Rhyme, But Reason

Strings of Pearls!

When a charm is cast in the enchanting dark, the night leaves behind a bewitching mark. The morning flush unveils a bounty of delight, assorted sprinkling gems in the first rays of light. Strings of pearls though adorn a chosen few, For a moment in time the spider’s royalty too! – Narendra Nayak © 2018 … Continue reading Strings of Pearls!