For Bread They Fish!

Three fishermen ye three fishermen, set off before the break of dawn, from banks of mire to the river aflow, pushing the boat with all their brawn, dipping the oars in the cool dark swell, guiding the path to the nets they’d cast, wonder what fruits this dawn will fetch, earn some bread or is … Continue reading For Bread They Fish!

A Slice of Life

A routine makes for a strange animal – it can be either dreadfully, abysmally boring or quite contrarily it can be a surprisingly delicious slice of life. We all have daily routines; all sorts of them. And when two strangers with similar routines cross paths at some point – ahem – routinely, they no longer … Continue reading A Slice of Life

I Wish…

Every time I gather you in my palms, your warm, moist, gentle touch and fresh, earthy, humid fragrance seeps into me, a soothing sensation of immense contentment. Yes, I have an undeniably intense and compelling connect with you. For all that and more, dear earth, allow me yet one more indulgence that when it is … Continue reading I Wish…

Caricatures of the Night

Silence, relative though. The background was filled with a myriad of noises, a tubelight gently hummed overhead, a taxi engine idled away, soft strains of a 1970s Kishoreda favourite entertaining someone not too far away. As I stepped onto the Dadar station premises, an all too familiar female voice cut through the night announcing the … Continue reading Caricatures of the Night