For a Peak of the Heavens

As Mother beckoned with a graceful wave, The blazing blue heavens took a bow in awe, And blossoms beneath looked up and yonder, Cause ‘twas time for the grey clouds to maunder. As pearls of joy pattered to earth below, And pools of shimmering liquid yearned to flow, One little flower so burst up with … Continue reading For a Peak of the Heavens

The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!

Nibble… gnaw… chew… munch… chomp… gobble… Chubby simply loved the large, luscious, tender, juicy, citrus leaves and was furiously going at it like Obelix on steroids. And he had a good reason to be insatiably gluttonous. One, he had to uphold the lineage which he was so proud of, being the caterpillar of the Atlas … Continue reading The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!

Development at What Cost?

In our continued fight to save the Aarey forest in Mumbai from the deadly clutches of the Metro car shed, I want to bring to the fore one point, which I have been time and again trying to put across to some of my friends, who feel content with the authorities' promise of either partial … Continue reading Development at What Cost?

Holy Potatoes!

“Yippeee!” whooped Jeeraloo, doing a little jig. “Holy potatoes, what was that?” stuttered Hingaloo, disturbed abruptly from his deep slumber. “Must have seen a future girlfriend in today’s groceries”, offered the wisecrack Dumaloo through half-closed eyes. “No guys, look”, cried Jeeraloo, his zeal unfettered, “it’s a new recipe!” “What the…” started Dumaloo. As the yet-sleepy … Continue reading Holy Potatoes!

Welcome to “A Sliver of Life”

A symphonic treasure trove of hues, melodies, flavours, aromas and textures underlies our worldly existence; these five senses manifesting in abundance at various moments during our lifetime in the form of memories, experiences, deja vu, reveries, dreams, hopes and desires. Our world is an aggregate of very thin slices of a multitude of such events … Continue reading Welcome to “A Sliver of Life”