The steps of the ghats were cold from the winter chill, even more than the nip in the air. But he was numb to either bite, sitting there eyes focussed into infinity. Within his gaze were the leaping flames of the funeral pyre, burning brightly, the blaze slowly growing into a firestorm in his mind, … Continue reading Devastated


Slow and Steady, ‘Cause it is not a Race!

Munch…munch…nom…nom…chomp…chomp… The sounds reverberated in my head in a loop, almost like a sound over, as I watched the little snail noiselessly, yet resolutely make short work of a verdant, succulent leaf. My mind space was yet in the umbra of Shadow’s astuteness (ohh, you haven’t read my last post of December 3?) as I … Continue reading Slow and Steady, ‘Cause it is not a Race!

Su’purr’stitious? Get a ‘Paws’itive ‘Cat’itude!

“Hold it right there, not one more step!” commanded a gruff, thick voice from somewhere to the left but close by on the winding dirt road ahead. Almost stumbling as I came to a screeching halt, I looked towards the spot to ascertain the source of the utterance, which had broken my reverie as I … Continue reading Su’purr’stitious? Get a ‘Paws’itive ‘Cat’itude!

A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Sniff, sniff, moo, moo, what’s this in my view, let me see closer if it’s fit for a chew. Strange is this creature upon me who spies, ne’er seen a beast who bears three eyes! One of those eyes looks bemused at me, and one closed forever, how can it see? The third is weird … Continue reading A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

In the Pond of Eternal Youth

Playing truant strolling up the hill, no more they wanted to do the drill, to go to school and learn by rote, trifling matters that silly poets quote. Dumping their bags and lunch packs, peeling the wear off their weary backs, they sprinted over the lush grassy knoll, the alluring pond was their only goal. … Continue reading In the Pond of Eternal Youth

Of Vibrant Vistas

The gilded rays of the climbing sun hit my eyes making me squint reflexively, and then just as suddenly, the blaze softened into a warm, diffuse glow. As my pupils adjusted once again to the natural dimmer, the scene before me cast a mellow glaze on my keen senses. Curtains laden with mild, misty, moist … Continue reading Of Vibrant Vistas

A Mellow Meow

“Inner peace… inner peace…” A low, mellow, tranquil voice floated up to my ears from somewhere below to my right even as I took the first sip of hot cutting chai from the roadside kiosk standing in the warmth of the sun peeping out from behind the clouds after the fresh early morning rains. Following … Continue reading A Mellow Meow