A “Mushy” Tale

Stress and effort, struggle and strain, searching for light, warmth and the rain, pushing and thrusting through the damp earth, nursing a desire seeking whyfor their birth. Toiling with resolve, breaking out of the trap, stretching out gills they unfurl their cap, soft glowing radiance the whites shimmering bright, they set out to spread the … Continue reading A “Mushy” Tale


A Feathered Symphony

Twilight past dusk descends, the air is tranquil waters serene, Home to roost on a lofty bough, jostling and shoving we await our kin, Juveniles tired after the frantic day, squawking and cackling feathers they preen, Just as the shadows deepen a shade, old mamas gather, the gossips begin. - Narendra Nayak © 2017

A Symphony of Flavours

Our kitchen is one huge chemistry lab. The colours, aromas, flavours, textures and taste of everyday cooking are all an output of nuanced chemical reactions taking place in the mysterious cauldrons that hold the broth - our humble cooking utensils. Be it the pyrolysis reaction crunching up complex sugars while caramelising onions, the mellowing of … Continue reading A Symphony of Flavours

For a Peak of the Heavens

As Mother beckoned with a graceful wave, The blazing blue heavens took a bow in awe, And blossoms beneath looked up and yonder, Cause ‘twas time for the grey clouds to maunder. As pearls of joy pattered to earth below, And pools of shimmering liquid yearned to flow, One little flower so burst up with … Continue reading For a Peak of the Heavens

The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!

Nibble… gnaw… chew… munch… chomp… gobble… Chubby simply loved the large, luscious, tender, juicy, citrus leaves and was furiously going at it like Obelix on steroids. And he had a good reason to be insatiably gluttonous. One, he had to uphold the lineage which he was so proud of, being the caterpillar of the Atlas … Continue reading The Winged Behe‘moth’, Atlas(t)!