He woke up with a start, an immense pressure on his chest, both without and within, his heart thumping madly as if someone had been hammering at it from the outside synchronous with his pounding heartbeats. Strangely however, he felt cold – ice cold – limbs numb and lifeless, his extremities fallen asleep as if … Continue reading Terror


His eyes glistened – though it would have been difficult to say whether it was a glimmer of hope or shimmer of wetness – as he crouched behind the tree trunk, focused on the activity of the Samaritan who had just opened a packet of Tiger biscuits and was emptying the contents onto the pavement. … Continue reading Hunger


The steps of the ghats were cold from the winter chill, even more than the nip in the air. But he was numb to either bite, sitting there eyes focussed into infinity. Within his gaze were the leaping flames of the funeral pyre, burning brightly, the blaze slowly growing into a firestorm in his mind, … Continue reading Devastated