Weedout Doubt

(Preamble: This plant has grown up with my carrot plants on the fringes of the planter. I cannot explain why – despite it so evidently not being a carrot – I did not weed it out, but fed and cared for it just like any other plant. And now that the barely two inches tall though highly resilient plant has borne flowers, I think it is time to hear it narrate its victorious journey of over three months!)

Sneaked in along with some carrot seeds,
none would have known my antecedes,
watered and fed with the good breeds,
now and then heard whispers on weeds.

Out on the fence away from limelight,
sending a timid root worried of spite,
carrots were such a handsome sight,
me a few leaves never gaining height.

Then the attacks came deep one night,
geometrid caterpillars gave me a fright,
large bits chewed off before first light,
plucked off in time saved worse plight.

Almost shrivelled with leaves half eaten,
one would think it enough to be beaten,
within me alight though a guiding beacon,
asked me to fight not letting me weaken.

Sip by little sip filled with strength anew,
to fulfill my destiny a desire within grew,
would stand upright to bugs or mildew,
nothing hereon would lead my life askew.

Tiny yellow flowers now buttress my claim,
bear an indomitable spirit never be tame,
you will soon I know weed out my name,
until then to be a weed I find no shame!

[Framed: Anonymous (not to be generalised as a weed, though!)]

– Narendra Nayak © 2021

16 thoughts on “Weedout Doubt

  1. Not everyone could get not one, but two, puns into a title. It could be read as “Without doubt” or as “Weed out doubt.” In either case, your little plant certainly put your doubts to mind about its ability to grow and bloom. Wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, Suni! 🙂
      That is a very valid point you have made; we humans are so selfish, we just seek what is directly beneficial for us – whatever is of no evident tangible benefit is a weed!


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