No Ground Rules

Passing through a green pasture, men cutting grass,
I knew what was to be, a scene I would not let pass.
Cause I spied a black drongo, on a perch a keen eye,
soon there would be drama, a silent hue and cry.

Soon the field cleared, egrets and mynas flew in,
poking amid the stubble they let the feast begin.
Grasshoppers and beetles, scurrying fast for cover,
soon they found out, there was none to discover.

Picking off their prey, the birds were hard at play,
the termites and cicadas, kept their senses at bay.
And just then the drongo, swept upon the stage,
diving down in the melee, it went on a rampage.

It moved quick and sure, swooping from the tree,
snaring a panicked insect, returned back with glee.
The egrets and mynas, were raking up the muck,
but for juiciest of the lot, the drongo rode its luck.

The minions soon the wiser, joined forces to feed,
the mynas gave cover, while egrets did the deed.
But the drongo wasn’t done, it hovered overhead,
mimicking a shikra’s call, ensured the others fled.

The helpful egrets and mynas, taken off the field,
the mystery behind this , was soon to be revealed.
From the tree above me, swept down two juveniles,
the drongo set the grounds, for their hunting trials!

[Featuring: The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) in hunt mode]

– Narendra Nayak © 2021

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