Take it Lightly

Neo may have been enlightened when the little boy told him, “There is no spoon.” But this isn’t the Matrix and there isn’t any enlightenment, though there is illumination – a blatant manifestation of “light”. The spoon does exist – a polished, refulgent, stainless steel spoon – though you do not see it as such, and therein a game is being played out.

It is quite a simple game, one of light and shadows or should we say of the presence and absence of light, but one with unlimited variables. There is also the conundrum of white and black, a monochrome which exists only as a perception. No metaphorical juxtaposition in spiritual traditions of absolute good and bad are demanded, nor similitude sought with the ethereal darkness behind the visible, tangible universe.

The smoke and mirrors are frozen in time, the sleight of hand there for all to see. Or is it the unseen that overtly plays out the game – a game that obnubilates the “real”?

– Narendra Nayak © 2020

7 thoughts on “Take it Lightly

  1. The question in itself has the answer like all the other questions has. It is our eagerness to unfold. Which I believe. Like Neo took the red pill, “Unpleasant Truth” and dived to know the Matrix.

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