Of Verdurous Preserves

(A Haiku spotlighting fragile habitats)

She flutters about,
a new lifecycle awaits,
a mother’s instinct.

For the precise host,
and the only sustenance,
scouring the coppice.

Misfortune beckons,
thickets touched by human greed,
a sparse foliage.

Tired wings stagger,
time and vigour on the wane,
unbending instinct.

A forsaken nook,
of stunted hardy herbage,
a singular host.

Eggs promise new life,
The past gladly ebbs away,
Axe and spade approach!

[Featuring: Common Mormon butterfly (Papilio polytes)]

– Narendra Nayak © 2020

14 thoughts on “Of Verdurous Preserves

  1. It’s just as wonderful as always!
    I am taken back to my Dad’s garden and the gorgeous black butterfly that used to keep visiting. If only the axe and spade would approach only after the eggs hatch and the hatchlings are nourished and big enough to fly away. But then, the question of space for the eggs would come up again.

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    1. Thank you so much, Neel – always encouraging!
      Oh yes, your dad’s amazing garden – your lovely butterfly videos are imprinted upon my mind, as are the mind-boggling array of veggies and orchids. I like the way you think through about the consequences; there’s no relief in sight till we leave them and their forest alone, is there?

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