B(l)eak Perspective

(A bird’s POV expressed in haiku)

Change is in the air,
or has the air itself changed,
perhaps destiny?

Noises abated,
the songs sweet nectar to ears,
yet human uproar?

Fresh and cleaner breath,
neither smog nor fumes to brave,
still faces shrouded?

No grime on the earth,
summer blooms in abundance,
none to admire?

Meadows stretch and yawn,
shrubs and boughs weighed down with fruit,
whither gatherers?

Clear bright blue skies,
unrestrained wings flap and glide,
but no voyagers?

“They are terrified”,
said a wise one who flew by,
“invisible foe.”

“They will be back soon,
to murder and to plunder,
The true pandemic!”

– Narendra Nayak © 2020

28 thoughts on “B(l)eak Perspective

  1. The last part – the reality….don’t know what will change us, if ever we will….it’s a near impossible task 😦
    It reads wonderfully and at the end makes us sit up straight.
    That photo though!

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    1. It is so very disheartening, Neelanjana, that despite having seen – and still seeing in present times – the impact of disturbing nature’s balance, we refuse to learn. We continue to plunder and destroy. Our wanton, cowardly and inhuman acts continue unabated. I am deeply disturbed and my hopes of an awakened humanity diminish rapidly…

      Thank you so much for reading, comprehending and responding!

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      1. Everyone says humans will change, now that we are forced to live in a certain way. We will emerge better beings. I hope we do but I don’t believe we will. We’ll be back to business and all of this will be forgotten like a bad dream. Rather we are still doing the same things maybe worst things. But like you said , we need to act. Many of us are, in our small little ways. Don’t know how to change destructive and selfish minds.

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    1. Thank you so much, R, for your kind words of appreciation! I just replied above to Neelanjana – request you to read it. However much I would love to be optimistic, the bleak clouds of despair hang heavily upon us.

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    1. Thank you for reading and expressing your thoughts! Yes, you are right – I do not know why Mother Nature still tolerates our wayward behaviour. Very soon she may decide that she has had enough. I keep my fingers crossed!


  2. We humans are the most selfish lot on this planet. You have given a beautiful glimpse of how we turn their little world topsy turvy…
    Hopefully, the bleak clouds disappear soon and they can fly free again.
    Good writing and lovely pic too 👌👍

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  3. Humans are their own enemy. Articles are saying that we have learnt our lesson. Your last lines are the right answer to that illusion.

    Loved the beautiful photograph of gauraiya bird👌👌
    She is hardly visible in apartment culture.

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    1. How right you are! Thanks a lot, Deeksha, for reading and for your comments.

      I have been quite lucky to have had sparrows visiting at my window throughout the day, for the past several years. I am constantly putting videos on my Insta and FB stories as parents and babies alike come to feed and jump around – they make my day! 🙂

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      1. At my parent’s house this used to be a daily activity, different types of birds, their nests in bougainvillea. Parrots used to visit daily in the morning for grains. It used to be so pleasant to hear those different birds chirping in the morning and evening. Those were lovely days!!!

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