The raptor surveys,
its realm trampled upon,
beastly predator!

[In the frame: Black Kite (Milvus migrans) in silhouette at dusk; Aarey Guest House, philoAarey Forest, Mumbai]

– Narendra Nayak © 2020

18 thoughts on “Tenebrous

  1. My husband saw a hawk swoop down on a robin feeding in the back yard. The robins all disappeared from the area for a few days. Anika Perry also just blogged about a raptor that killed a dove feeding on what had previously been thought of as a dove sanctuary. Nature can be brutal, but at least the raptors kill for food–not violence or pleasure.

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    1. True, Pat. By the human emotional measure, some may call nature cruel. But nature is just dispassionate – every occurrence is rational, survival being the guiding principal.

      Thank you for expressing your thoughts. 🙂

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      1. That’s an interesting question, Pat, and one that has intrigued me for long. Because we too are the children of the same mother. We started off as hunters and gatherers, with no ambition further than food, shelter and procreation. Somewhere our intelligence got the better of genetics – we started thinking, and thus awakened the sins. The moot question is – if we have crossed the proverbial line against the rules of nature, are we marked for extinction? Are we destined to self-destruct?

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  2. The photo’s beautiful, and the title’s interesting. In the Christian church, one of the Holy Week services is called Tenebrae: a service of shadows where candles are extinguished, one by one. It’s an interesting connection.

    Needless to say, the identity of the raptor is perfectly ambiguous.

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  3. Out of context I know, Narendra, but can you tell me what WordPress Theme or Template you are using please?

    Your WordPress blog is one of only 3 whereby I can currently press the LIKE button directly on your front page. You might have read of my current WordPress problems on my own blog. I’m trying to work out why pressing the LIKE button does not register for most of the 60 blogs I follow. It’s been happening (roughly) since Christmas Day and I haven’t changed any of my own computer settings around that time.


    1. Hi Vicki. I’m using the theme known as Colinear. Yes, I’ve been reading of the trouble you are having with WordPress lately. Quite a pain, literally. Never faced such an issue but I feel it may be a conflict or a bug in the browser settings. Hope the tech help can sort it out.

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