Nowhere to Fly

Skies overcast,
Aves downcast,
Forests fading,
Men invading,
Foliage lost,
Steep cost,
Boughs stripped,
Fronds ripped,
Nest unshielded,
brood yielded,
Refuge blown,
Battle zone,
Darkness ahead,
Forsaken fled,
Whither retreat will your wings weary,
We will always leave your eyes bleary…

[In the frame: Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) in silhouette; Aarey Forest, Mumbai]

– Narendra Nayak © 2019

19 thoughts on “Nowhere to Fly

    1. Thank you so much, R, for sharing your compassionate views, and for your appreciation of my meagre words.
      I will take your advice most seriously 🙂🙏🏻
      In fact poetry flows far easier for me; but here I am – bent on showing off by disgorging convoluted phrases in rambling passages! 😅

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  1. I guess, humans are by far the most selfish species on earth, who invade into territories not meant for them, thus taking away the freedom from beings of other species. Painful to see them lose their freedom. Well written 👍

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    1. You’ve put that well. Let me add that we’re the only species that destroys the very ecosystem that we survive in. Hardly commendable for supposedly the most intelligent creatures!
      Thanks for reading my dark musings, Deepika.

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  2. This makes me want to cry. We are taking up everything, occupying everything that’s meant not just for us but for every living being…we are only growing ourselves in huge numbers wiping out everyone else 😦

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    1. What do I say? Till now we were seeing it happen in isolated instances. Now it seems we’ve decided upon waging war against our own habitat. After having lost the battle for Aarey Forest here we are destined to see the quick death of this last oasis in an urban setting, before our very eyes. 5 lakh trees and yet can’t be defined as a forest? Unbelievable! 😐

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      1. We not only lost it, but over 2000 trees were also hacked down in the dead of the night, immediately after the HC ruling. The SC, hearing a PIL, gave some relief stating that no more trees should be cut down, but by then the required number of trees were already culled (thus spoke the Solicitor General, proudly, on behalf of the Govt in court: “What is required to be cut has been cut”). Now the construction activity for the Metro Shed et al is going on full swing. What remains to be seen is whether we can protect the remaining forest, as this case will only encourage the Govt to nibble away at the remainder!

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