Let there be Light!

Photography, for me, is a game of light, and light alone; the presence or absence of illumination, in part or in whole – the varying luminescence casting shadows and silhouettes, shaping profiles and outlines, moulding contours and depth – the palette intensified with a profusion of shades, hues, tints, tones and intensities, adding distinctive dimensions and vivacity to a trite, boring and monotonous canvas; darkness ascribable merely to the absence of light, essentially in measured rations of optimism!

This light-hearted monologue above was in light of the flicker of contemplation that zapped my mind like lightening when I saw the light streaming in through the skylight set high in the tiled roof, and a fortuitously reflected second source of light apparent through the light curtains drawn across the solid Burma teak lined window panes set in the thick stone walls of this rustic farmhouse.

A challenge to the current skillset of methods, formats, knowledge and expertise is a photographer’s delight and may manifest without prejudice – be it remarkable or banal. A frame with two lights, each of opposing intensities is a drool-worthy proposition; and experimenting with a shift focus, aided by spot-metering and variable exposure values this is what I could manage in my quest to get them both in the same frame without sacrificing the prominence of each, well, light!

– Narendra Nayak © 2019

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