Owl’s Well That…

Owl of a sudden, down he swooped, giving out not a hoot,
Owl he said was “Owl right there, care to share some fruit?”
“By Owl means if Owl is fine, Owl be gone after a bite,
I’m just Owl talk and no bite, meant not to give a fright.”
For Owl I knew he didn’t touch fruit, so there I was Owl ears,
“By Owl means do be my guest, but Veg aft Owl these years?”
Downcast in Owl earnest, he shared Owl woes with me,
“Vegan is now Owl the rage, missus won’t hear my plea.
Owl good food’s out the nest, a diet in place she’s got,
hunting Owl night yesterday, a guava is Owl I’ve caught!”
Owl have to stop this, I thought and spoke, before it goes too far,
“Owl I will say is be your own self, priceless as an Owl you are.
A hunter of pests, a boon to my race, born not to be a fruit bat,
Owl will be lost, a famine will rage, if an Owl doesn’t get that rat!”

– Narendra Nayak © 2018, Owl Rights Reserved!

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