Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

What was inside this chrysalis has flown. Yes, I do have pictures of the beauty that emerged from within, dried its wings and took first flight, and those pictures will follow. This post is a precursor to draw attention to the beauty that a chrysalis is!

Contrary to popular belief butterfly caterpillars do not form cocoons. It is moth caterpillars who spin protective cocoons of silk. When a butterfly caterpillar is fully grown it spins a silk pad, called a cremaster, at its abdominal end which it uses to fasten itself to a stalk or twig. As it molts for the fifth and last time, the outer skin hardens and becomes the chrysalis, a protective covering for the transforming butterfly inside.

Here I want to particularly draw attention to the fine band of silken thread which the caterpillar has slung around its mid-section and the leaf stalk to hold it in place. So even if the pupa gets accidentally detached it will still have a lifeline of support. Just think about it – no teachers, no mentors, no gurus, no SOPs, only instinct to guide it along on its beautiful journey!

– Narendra Nayak © 2018


5 thoughts on “Leaving Behind the Chrysalis…

    1. Mother Nature never fails to amaze. If we simply look around and observe our fellow creatures, we will find logic, magic and brilliance in even the simplest and tiniest of her creations. I always find interacting with nature’s wonders an exciting, fascinating and a truly humbling experience!

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