For a few weeks now we had been feeding and observing this heavily pregnant village street cow, who about a week ago suddenly disappeared into the forest and became untraceable, even as we feared the worst. But to our pleasant surprise, she finally returned yesterday with her new-born stumbling and tottering alongside. The cow being very protective, it was quite difficult to approach the calf; forget petting it! In my enthusiasm to click pictures, I even managed to get head-butted by the vigilant mother – to be honest, she had served me two fair warnings!

If ever you would ask me my definition of innocence, I would simply ask you to come along and behold this clueless, dewy-eyed, faultless, guileless, harmless, inoffensive, naive, pure, raw, unaffected, unblemished, unguarded, wide-eyed, week-old calf!

No more words; the pictures suffice…

– Narendra Nayak © 2018


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