Selfless Shellfish!

The tide rises swiftly as ochre hues deepen, the shore then promptly comes alive,
anemones and mussels, crabs and star fish, they all break into an impromptu jive,
the ebb at noon that left them ashore, some in a tiny pool but most on sands dry,
they buried down quick and awaited the eve, of known roar and swell a tide so high.

Riding on the waves eager to their home, they cast a glance back to bid farewell,
the clams and conches, cowries and scallops, these shells won’t ride the waves as well,
cause they are just that now empty dwellings, the life in them has long ebbed away,
but even in death they left a little gift, as finding shells on shore does brighten your day!

– Narendra Nayak © 2018

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