Romancing the Masala Dosa!

A dollop of fermented rice-dal batter, hits the hot griddle with a sputtering sizzle,
spread out deftly in spirals outward, the thin layer drenched with a liberal oil drizzle.

A blob of garlic chutney spread out atop, or a sprinkle of spicy powdered podi over,
smoothened lovingly with a spatula across, it steams and crackles towards a golden makeover.

The edges curl gently and rise upwards so, flaunting a crisp golden brown crust below,
of potatoes and onions with curry leaves and mustard, the moist bhaji is added on top to go.

In slides the spatula gently lifting up and over, the bhaji hidden inside now as two sides give cover,
plated with a tangy sambar dainty chutneys trio, so serves a treat worthy a Masala Dosa lover!

– Narendra Nayak © 2018


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