A ‘Moo’ving En’cow’nter!

Sniff, sniff, moo, moo, what’s this in my view,
let me see closer if it’s fit for a chew.
Strange is this creature upon me who spies,
ne’er seen a beast who bears three eyes!

One of those eyes looks bemused at me,
and one closed forever, how can it see?
The third is weird though, monstrous and round,
Popping out and whirring as if spellbound!

Bearing two legs fewer, how can it walk,
and in a strange lingo I even hear it talk!
Oh, it does have more legs, two in the air,
here they come towards me, how do they dare!

But my mom does tell me, be always kind and fair,
we are all to live together, so offer and share.
So welcome my weird friend, be not fearful or shy,
though freaky you may look, you seem a nice guy!

– Narendra Nayak © 2017

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