Of Vibrant Vistas

The gilded rays of the climbing sun hit my eyes making me squint reflexively, and then just as suddenly, the blaze softened into a warm, diffuse glow. As my pupils adjusted once again to the natural dimmer, the scene before me cast a mellow glaze on my keen senses. Curtains laden with mild, misty, moist haze had drawn themselves upon the enthusiastic sun.

Through the gentle vapours was discernible, far against the horizon, a rolling behemoth of impressive mountains painted in a riot of rich green and rufous hues. A tinge of amber here and a dash of coffee there made themselves evident as though aberrations on the back of the giants, interrupted as they were by the vales which cast their own myriad shades of deeper, darker greens.

A vast shimmering channel of cool, crisp, clear liquid silver undulated in front of the mountains, the river glancing up impishly at the giant, mocking it as it moved lazily towards its fate. Ravenous kingfishers and famished cormorants created lucid ripples on its surface at will, as they sought the abundant bounties of its rich depths.

A profuse band of small, dense, stunted shrubs and green, knobby woods populated the near bank of the river. One odd, conversationally rhythmic avian melody suddenly changed into a frantic cacophony and a small party of wings suddenly took to the skies wisely indicating that other creatures too had stirred from their slumbers seeking sustenance.

Seated at the doorstep in the train, which too was evidently having a jolly time jogging at an unhurried pace, I glanced down underneath my dangling shoed feet. The abundant, knee-high emerald pastures rolling out from those thickets at a distance spilled to the very edges of the rail tracks. And, even though laden with a heavy, wet blanket of gleaming dew, the grasses were doing their best to valiantly stand up and wave cheerfully with some encouragement from the cool, nippy morning breeze which did its best to prop them up with helping puffs. Instinctively I smiled back and raised the camera to my eyes, and the lush, pastel, green-and-yellow toned carpet in turn looked up and said…cheese!

– Narendra Nayak © 2017

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