Holy Potatoes!

“Yippeee!” whooped Jeeraloo, doing a little jig. “Holy potatoes, what was that?” stuttered Hingaloo, disturbed abruptly from his deep slumber. “Must have seen a future girlfriend in today’s groceries”, offered the wisecrack Dumaloo through half-closed eyes.

“No guys, look”, cried Jeeraloo, his zeal unfettered, “it’s a new recipe!” “What the…” started Dumaloo. As the yet-sleepy duo gazed in the direction Jeeraloo was pointing, their jaws dropped collectively at the spectacle. The kitchen counter was being loaded with ingredients, some of which they had not seen in the two weeks that they had been sitting in the spuds basket – there was tamarind, curry leaves, asafoetida, coriander seeds, cumin…wow!

“Not again”, tears flowed down the red cheeks of Dopyaaza, the woeful onion from the wicker basket alongside, “I know this recipe, it’s a dreaded Thursday yet again – not my day and not to my taste either – yuck!” “Be quiet you pessimist”, boomed a thick voice from a dark corner of the basket. As the trio wheeled around, they saw grand old Mr. Fries hobbling across. “Go on boys, it is a delicious recipe and I think it’s your moment of glory”, he continued in his deep throaty voice, “you will have a wonderful time”.

They all looked on in awe as the bright, fresh, curry leaves crackled while turning several shades deeper; the cumin seeds jumping with delight as they spattered, and the asafoetida eagerly releasing its wickedly divine aroma; all dunking exuberantly in the sizzling oil. And then, with a song in their hearts, a twinkle in their eyes and beaming ear to ear, the trio hopped into the colander, eager to have a quick scrub before they made their way into the inviting gravy – content that their destiny was being fulfilled in such a delectable way.

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