Welcome to “A Sliver of Life”

A symphonic treasure trove of hues, melodies, aromas, flavours and textures underlies our worldly existence; these five senses manifesting in abundance at various moments during our lifetime in the form of memories, experiences, deja vu, reveries, dreams, hopes and desires. Our world is an aggregate of very thin slices of a multitude of such events – both trifling as well as momentous in equal measure – each slice steeped in its own unique essence and stimulated by an overture of these senses. These assorted diverse Slivers of Life form the very fabric of our vitality.

This blog attempts to depict some such slivers which ordinarily manifest as mundane but when seen through the mind’s eye make for an extraordinary and fascinating narrative. Sprinkled intermittently will also be some essays on topics as far ranging as nature, food, photography and horticulture. So enjoy, and do post your feedback on each article!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to “A Sliver of Life”

  1. अभिनंदन नरेंद्र, खुप उशीरा का होईना परंतु तुझा ब्लॉग सुरू झाला याचा मनापासून आनंद होतोय.
    प्रशांत पवार


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