It’s Raining Diamonds

“Hey Buzz, whassup?” shouted out a familiar raucous voice. Buzz, a Paper Wasp, spun around mid-air, startled as his chain of thoughts broke. Only one guy could sound gruff and cheery at the same time! As he hovered over the Gulmohur branch, he could see his long time friend Spud, a Flesh Fly, waving out from beneath a rain-drenched leaflet. “Haven’t laid an eye on you since yesterday, what mischief have you been up to Spud?” asked Buzz as he effected a perfect practiced landing. “Was visiting cousin Jamie – you know the veggie guy – sucks on sugar cubes all the time,” snickered Buzz. “Off you go again deriding us vegetarians. I’m sure, Jamie’s a pretty decent guy – not a rowdy jackass like you,” countered Buzz getting warmed up for a friendly banter. “Yeah sure, what else do you hope of a house fly – sits around like a ton of bricks with that proboscis of his stuck out on a lump of anything yucky and sticky – pretty decent at that!” retorted Spud with a guffaw. “Look at me, feeding off all those meat proteins, am I handsome or what,” he went on as he flashed his rippling muscles.

“You and your smelly rotting carcasses! Only if you would take a whiff of an enticing Gardenia or sip on the delicious nectar of a Honeysuckle. But what would you know, you ignorant boor,” said Buzz mockingly. “Well, this Veg vs Non-Veg debate of ours will have to wait; I have to deliver this load of fresh divine Jasmine nectar to the nest. By the way, what are you doing hiding out here – stole food from your gang again, did you?” Buzz continued with his ribbing. “What do you think? Come hither and I’ll show you something,” said Spud in a mysterious voice as he pointed skywards, “There, look behind that branch up there.”

Buzz shot a glance in the direction, immediately sizing up the object of mystery sitting on one of the topmost branches, looking skywards, wings stretched out, almost in a meditative pose. “Ohh, that’s a Dragonfly – I think a Wandering Glider, I’ve seen him around a couple of times,” he stated in a matter-of-fact manner. “It’s no time to play ‘guess who am I’; don’t you know we’re fair game for him? He probably loooves our types. He’s been that way for an hour now,” effused Spud at his dramatic best, his red eyes popping comically. “Come now. He is looking at the sky – not downwards – which he would be if looking for food. And also, Rob was telling me that they love butterflies and moths more than us guys; so I think it’s OK. Maybe he’s hurt or something, so we should probably go check it out,” said Buzz getting ready to lift off. “Well, if you are wrong Buzzer boy, my blood will be on your wings,” said Spud tagging along reluctantly.

“Hey, you OK mister?” shouted out Buzz, as he winged in towards the Dragonfly, at the same time maintaining a cautious distance – what if Spud was right? It seemed like an eternity before the Dragonfly opened his large compound eyes, his reverie broken. As he focused on the two tiny guys looking up at him in a quizzical manner, he hesitated for a moment, sizing them up, before replying in a deep solemn voice, “Oh yes, of course. Couldn’t be better, in fact.” “Ohh, we better get going then,” stuttered Spud, eager to get away as quickly as he could. “Wait up Spud. Mr. Dragonfly, sorry to intrude, but we were just curious, you know, of your …err…meditative pose?” offered Buzz, trying to think of something nice to say.

The Dragonfly replied in a slow halting manner, “I am enjoying the bounties of nature.” Two puzzled faces continued to frown at him. “Look around you; observe. What do you see?” he asked. Spud began to scratch his antennae, but Buzz caught on, “Oh I know what you mean, the rain!” “Yes,” the Dragonfly smiled gently, “but look closer, it’s raining diamonds…”

Why, wondered Buzz and Spud, had they not noticed it before? As they looked around them in amazement, their hearts filled with glee and their souls felt oh so delighted cause the leaflets glistened with diamonds – fresh, clean, cool, shimmering droplets of the gently drizzling rain!

The Dragonfly looked at the two till-a-moment-ago strangers, his smile broadening, “And while at it, could you boys smile a little too, cause you’re on camera!”

– Narendra Nayak © 2016

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