To Touch The Sky!

“What the…I can’t see anything! Why am I upside down? And where AM I?”, she inquired of no one in particular, yawning and trying to stretch her tiny root and shoot at the same time. Sprouted out from a coriander seed hardly a few minutes back, she was raring to see the clear blue skies, breathe the warm humid summer air and feed off the damp musty earth – just like she had seen in her long hazy seemingly endless dream. Was it truly a dream, or was it for real, cause she thought she could still feel the lingering aftertaste of Molybdenum. Must be the DNA playing on my nucleus, she thought dismissively as she took stock of her surroundings.

“Nitrogen levels excellent (good for my roots); Phosphorus levels optimum (my shoot will have a great time); Potassium levels OK (won’t need it for some time till I branch out, so fine). Wait a minute, where’s the Calcium and Sulphur?”, she shouted.
“There’s some here. I can taste it”, a tinny voice replied from somewhere very close on her right.
“And who be you?”, she queried into the darkness.
“I guess yet one more amongst us coriander seedlings”, tinny voice offered.
“So there’s more of my type around?”, she wondered aloud.
“You bet!”, replied a hoarse voice somewhere from her left. “And you better get your orientation corrected quickly if you want to catch the sun, cause it’s nearly sun-up”, hoarse voice continued in the same vein.

Oh yes, of course, need to get started on the photosynthesis – reserve food in the seed’s down to critical level – and anyways I’ve to start earning my living soon, she thought.

With that, anchoring the tiny root as deep as she could, she stretched herself yet again and pushing persistently, gently – though firmly – at long last raised her shoot up and outwards seeking the warmth of the sun on her little green budding leaflets…

– Narendra Nayak © 2016

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